Our story

Temple Intimates was born out of a passion to celebrate the essence of the natural form. Your body is your temple. Our mission is to create luxury lingerie that places the natural body shape at its core, as every one of our pieces ensures that the body’s form is only ever complemented.

Natural fit need not mean conventional. The Temple aesthetic is defined by our drive to move beyond the ordinary, with pieces that are bold, unique, daring even. Each piece is designed to embody female strength and courage whilst honoring beauty and sensuality, offering a passage and crossing to treasure the wonders to be found close to our heart as well as further afar. 

With a selection of only our favourite materials - exquisite Chantilly Leavers lace, soft mesh fabric, smooth satin, and delicate floral lace – we ensure the pieces created are of the highest quality and texture, ultimately worthy of worldly temples and inspiring journeys.

Las Pozas Collection

Temple Intimates new lingerie collection is inspired by Las Pozas, a surrealistic architectural landscape and monument to love built in the subtropical rainforest and mountains of Mexico. Translated as ‘the pools’ this wonderment was created with a desire to exist in harmony with nature; a space where deep, blue green waterfalls are interlaced in a labyrinth of towering surrealist sculptures and a tapestry of wild orchids, becoming a destination and inspiration for some of the world’s most famous artists from Leonora Carrington to Salvador Dali